In 2007, attorney Jonathan Frutkin founded The Frutkin Law Firm with a goal of providing top-notch legal representation to business, family and individual clients throughout Arizona. As a third generation lawyer, Jonathan and his family have worked closely with business owners and their families for nearly 100 years. Jonathan worked in a variety of entrepreneurial and business fields, including software, food service and real estate prior to establishing this firm. His real world experience gives him unique insight into the needs of business owners, which is reflected in the philosophy and practice of the firm.

Our team of attorneys is highly skilled, with decades of experience in their respective practice areas and in-depth knowledge of Arizona business law, bankruptcy, real estate, commercial litigation and estate planning law. Combined with a focus on strategic solutions, this command of the law gives our clients confidence in our ability to provide practical, forward-thinking legal advice. We are dedicated to communicating openly with our clients, listening to their concerns and helping them to understand the legal process and their options. With personal attention and unparalleled skill, we guide our clients through the legal system to achieve the best possible resolution to their case.

In 2017, the firm changed its name from The Frutkin Law Firm to Radix Law. The word Radix is Latin in origin and stands for the concept of roots: the root of a tree, the root of knowledge, or the root of a number. Our new name reflects our values: we are a business law firm that knows the law, helps our clients pursue opportunities and deal with challenges, and we are rooted here in Arizona.

Our Values

At Radix Law, we place a premium on providing the best possible advice and advocacy to our clients. Our law firm has evolved to provide a full spectrum of legal services to our clients, including estate planning, bankruptcy, commercial litigation, real estate and business law. Our team of attorneys has decades of practice in their chosen fields, combined with real world experience that enables us to provide comprehensive advice that encompasses both legal and business needs. Our roots in the business sector inform our day-to-day practice, as we counsel clients with practical legal strategies to help them achieve their goals.

We believe that collaboration with our clients is critical to achieving a successful resolution of legal issues. Our lawyers work hand-in-hand with clients, gaining a deep understanding of their business and goals to help us determine the best strategy to meet your needs. We are trusted advisors, aggressive advocates and skilled negotiators. We offer creative solutions to thorny legal issues, along with the highest level of communication to help our clients make informed decisions.

Premier Business Law Firm in Scottsdale, Arizona

Our business law roots have helped us grow and evolve to become a full-service law firm, representing individual, family and business clients throughout Arizona. If you would like to learn more about how Radix Law can help you with your personal or business needs, contact our office today.