Healthy Brand Builders

Meet Jim Tonkin from Healthy Brand Builders. Jim came to Radix Law with the opportunity to be a part of his team and grow beverage concepts. We have worked with Jim and Healthy Brand Builders for more than five years. During that time, we have worked with him on a number of great brands.

Villas at Ancala

Arlan Oliva had a problem. The President of the Homeowner’s Association for the Villas at Ancala, his community was being “required” to more than double their contribution to maintenance and fees for the larger Ancala community. By threatening this massive increase, Oliva was caught in the middle of a dispute that was tearing apart the community. Oliva chose Adam Buck, a Partner at Radix Law with the prestigious Real Estate Specialist designation from the state bar of Arizona.

Oliva and Buck worked tirelessly on the case – until days before trial they were able to settle the case and bring tranquility back to the larger Ancala community. Now, the associations have developed a set of rules to move forward.

Oliva summed it up well: “I think the settlement worked out for the best for both parties involved and I feel like even the larger Ancala community feels that way now. It was a win for both sides.”

National PEO

Hooman Nikzad started National PEO, a human resources outsourcing company that provides payroll services and many more HR and insurance services to its business clients more than 20 years ago. And recently the company was sold to Vensure Employer Services, a leading PEO with a presence throughout the United States. Nikzad, who is a first generation immigrant to the United States, started his first business selling t-shirts at a flea market when he wasn’t even 18 years old.

Now, years later, he has achieved his dream by completing his third multi-million dollar sale of a company that he created.

One of the original clients of Radix when it started more than 10 years ago, firm Principal Jonathan Frutkin worked with National PEO through its business challenges and opportunities, including the recent sale.

“Business is about relationships”, noted Nikzad, former Chief Executive Officer of National PEO. “It is a world of difference when a lawyer understands the business, but more importantly the people.”

Radix served as General Counsel to National PEO, which had more than 20,000 worksite employees located in Arizona and throughout the country.

“Whether it was an employee matter, a business opportunity or a conflict, we were happy to support Hooman and the team at National PEO,” said Frutkin. “It is a real treat to be part of a management team of a company that has demonstrated excellence in the Arizona market for so many years.”