Colleen Contreras


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It’s not common to find someone with a project management background – detail-oriented, meticulous to the core – who then, at the flip of a switch, can bring a compassionate perspective to the table. Wrap this all up with a legal background, and you’ve got Colleen Contreras.

Before embarking on her legal career, Colleen ran a consulting practice aimed at providing project management services to philanthropic foundations. She later worked closely with children with a range of disabilities, providing an invaluable perspective on the day-to-day struggles of this particular population. A graduate of the University of Phoenix (Bachelor of Science, Business Administration), a Juris Doctor degree from Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law, a certified Project Management Professional, and a Certificate in Law, Science, and Technology with a focus in Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Colleen’s career evolved into the law because she believed a change in the system was not only possible but necessary. Families need support during life’s tough transitions from someone who gets it like Colleen.

Colleen is completing her LLM in Dispute Resolution at ASU School of Law with an emphasis on Domestic Violence.

Colleen brings a big heart, the precision of a project management professional, and the legal acumen of a lawyer to her clients each and every day.